For us, the future is a matter of great responsibility and, the development of our activities in harmony with the environment where we operate is one of our top priorities. In order to live up to this credo, and as pioneers of sustainable tourism in the country, we have the first Marine Laboratory and Sustainability Center (Centro de Innovación Marina del Grupo Puntacana & Centro de Sustentabilidad) within a resort, managing more than 10 environmental impact programs. Aligned with that vision, we have created a tourism experience where our visitors can participate actively in a natural universe, which encompasses many interesting ecological activities of sea and land, incorporating or corporate social responsibility to our day to day activities.

At Grupo Puntacana we promote sustainable tourism, through the development of various programs and initiatives that positively impact the environment and social development in the communities where we operate.

For more information visit our website www.puntacana.org